Issue date Case number
06/16/2017 INT‑G‑16‑02 Commission grants Intermountain Gas petition for reconsideration of rate case
06/13/2017 AVU‑G‑17‑01 Avista seeks rate increases for electric, gas customers
06/13/2017 AVU‑E‑17‑01 Avista seeks rate increases for electric, gas customers
06/05/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑24 Regulators approve settlement calling for early retirement of Idaho Power coal plant, rates set to increase
06/05/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑23 Regulators approve settlement calling for early retirement of Idaho Power coal plant, rates set to increase
06/02/2017 AVU‑E‑16‑06 Expenses tied to Avista programs deemed prudent
05/31/2017 IPC‑E‑17‑06 Regulators approve cost adjustments for Idaho Power Company, rates to increase June 1
05/31/2017 IPC‑E‑17‑02 Regulators approve cost adjustments for Idaho Power Company, rates to increase June 1
05/31/2017 PAC‑E‑17‑02 Rocky Mountain Power rates set to decrease on June 1
05/31/2017 PAC‑E‑17‑02 Rocky Mountain Power rates set to decrease on June 1
05/19/2017 PAC‑E‑16‑14 Commission finds Rocky Mountain Power efficiency expenses to be prudently incurred
05/16/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑24 Public comments accepted through May 25 on proposed Idaho Power settlement
05/16/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑23 Public comments accepted through May 25 on Idaho Power settlement agreement
05/05/2017 GNR‑T‑17‑03 Commission suspends ITSAP surcharge as number of recipients declines
05/03/2017 IPC‑E‑17‑06 Idaho Power requests slight increase to Power Cost Adjustment for 2017-2018
05/01/2017 INT‑G‑16‑02 Intermountain Gas rates increase by 1.58% effective May 1
04/09/2017 IPC‑E‑17‑02 Idaho Power proposes FCA increase of 1.3 percent
04/09/2017 IPC‑E‑17‑04 Idaho Power seeks approval of PURPA agreement with landfill gas-to-energy project
04/04/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑33 Idaho Power rider reduced April 1; customers to be refunded $13 million June 1
03/24/2017 IPC‑E‑17‑01 Idaho Power seeks declaratory ruling regarding proposed battery storage projects
02/27/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑33 PUC taking comments through March 15 on request to decrease rider, refund customers
02/27/2017 AVU‑G‑16‑03 PUC accepts Avista Gas long-range plan
02/24/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑24 PUC staff to conduct March 21 workshop in Valmy depreciation case
02/22/2017 PAC‑E‑16‑14 Rocky Mountain seeks prudency finding for efficiency programs investment
02/08/2017 INT‑G‑16‑02 Commission sets March 2 public and telephonic hearing in Intermountain Gas rate case
02/02/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑19 Commission OKs part of Idaho Power request related to joining EIM
01/20/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑33 Idaho Power seeks decrease in monthly efficiency rider, and to refund $13 million through PCA
01/17/2017 IPC‑E‑16‑32 Idaho Power seeks prudency determination for $220.8 million in relicensing expense
01/03/2017 AVU‑E‑16‑06 Jan. 31 is deadline to comment on Avista DSM prudency filing
01/03/2017 AVU‑E‑16‑03 Avista electric rates increased an average 2.6% on January 1
12/16/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑12 Rocky Mountain Power NPC update results in reduction for customers
12/14/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑21 Commission issues declaratory order in Jackpot Solar dispute
12/02/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑19 Commission taking comments through Dec. 15 on Idaho Power bid to join Western EIM
11/28/2016 INT‑G‑16‑02 Intermountain Gas workshop is set for December 6
11/18/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑24 Idaho Power requests accelerated depreciation for Valmy coal plant
11/18/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑23 Idaho Power seeks 0.6 percent increase for updated depreciation
11/15/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑03 Parties to Avista rate case propose settlement
11/04/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑14 Rocky Mountain Power seeks prudency finding for investment in energy efficiency programs
11/03/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑14 Commission gives green light to Idaho Power's community solar project
10/28/2016 AVU‑G‑16‑02 Avista gas rates decreasing an average 7.8 percent
10/28/2016 GNR‑T‑15‑06 Permissive 10-digit dialing launches Nov. 5
10/18/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑16 Idaho PUC approves 2-year extension of cost-sharing agreement with PacifiCorp states
10/11/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑06 Commission begins prudency review of Avista's electric efficiency programs
10/07/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑21 Idaho Power asks PUC for declaratory order regarding payments for proposed solar projects
10/06/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑14 Parties to Idaho Power community solar case propose settlement to PUC
10/04/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑05 Avista PCA is up, but higher BPA credit results in overall decrease for most customers
10/04/2016 INT‑G‑16‑03 Hefty natural gas supply results in lower rates for Intermountain Gas customers
09/23/2016 AVU‑G‑16‑02 Avista's annual PGA is proposed 7.7 percent decrease
09/20/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑19 Idaho Power seeks authority to join western EIM
09/19/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑03 Commission OKs Idaho Power efficiency programs, but asks company to review 4% rider
09/16/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑12 PacifiCorp updates net power costs; proposes rate stability plan
09/12/2016 INT‑G‑16‑02 Commission opens investigation of Intermountain Gas rate case
09/06/2016 DIA‑W‑15‑01 Commission OKs Diamond Bar Water rate increase
08/26/2016 INT‑G‑16‑03 Intermountain Gas PGA is proposed 7.11 percent decrease
08/22/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑03 Avista workshops set for Sept 21, 22 in Moscow, Coeur d'Alene
08/22/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑05 Avista proposes slight PCA increase, but BPA credit offsets for some customers
08/17/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑14 PUC taking comments through Sept. 6 on Idaho Power community solar proposal
08/12/2016 EAG‑W‑15‑01 Eagle Water surcharge request delayed for up to one year
08/12/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑11 PUC adopts integration costs to solar developers
08/05/2016 MNV‑W‑16‑01 Hearing for Morning View Water customers is Aug. 23
08/02/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑11 PacifiCorp seeks extension of contract with Lower Valley Energy
07/27/2016 GNR‑T‑15‑06 Workshops planned to explain transition to second area code
07/12/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑13 Idaho Power plans modifications to Green Power Program
07/12/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑14 Idaho Power seeks to build community solar project
06/30/2016 SCH‑W‑15‑01 Certificate approved for resort water company in Bonner County
06/28/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑03 Idaho Power seeks prudency declaration for demand side management programs
06/17/2016 MNV‑W‑16‑01 PUC staff schedules July 12 hearing in Rigby for Morning View Water rate case
06/17/2016 none PUC staff hosts visitors from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
06/13/2016 GNR‑T‑16‑04 Commission disburses QPAP funds to suicide prevention, E-911 training
06/13/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑03 Commission begins six-month investigation into Avista rate case
06/06/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑11 Integration costs to solar developers would decrease under proposed tariff
05/31/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑02 Fixed Cost Adjustment is 2.2 percent increase for Idaho Power
05/31/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑08 Idaho Power's annual PCA is average 1.57 percent increase
05/20/2016 PKS‑W‑15‑01 Homeowners association in Teton County seek ownership of small water company
05/19/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑07 Idaho Power seeks transfer of meter pedestals to mobile home park owner
05/10/2016 GNR‑T‑16‑04 Commission staff proposes uses for Qwest funds
05/04/2016 EAG‑W‑15‑01 Further suspension of Eagle Water request granted
05/04/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑10 Commission accepts Rocky Mountain Power curtailment plan
05/04/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑07 PUC removes Rocky Mountain Power net metering cap
04/29/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑08 Annual PCA for Idaho Power is proposed 1.57% hike
04/29/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑02 Fixed Cost Adjustment is proposed 2.2% increase
04/22/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑16 PUC taking comment on updated multi-state agreement
04/21/2016 DIA‑W‑15‑01 Diamond Bar public hearing is set for June 7
04/21/2016 QST‑G‑16‑01 IPUC updates Questar agreement with Utah commission
04/06/2016 GNR‑T‑16‑03 PUC maintains ITSAP assessment at 1-cent per month
04/05/2016 AVU‑G‑16‑01 Convenience fee waived for Avista natural gas customers
04/04/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑02 Commission OKs slight increase to Rocky Mountain efficiency services rate
04/04/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑05 Rocky Mountain Power annual ECAM is slight decrease
04/04/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑01 Convenience fee for Avista customers is going away
04/04/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑15 PUC approves Rocky Mountain Power transfer to Idaho Falls Power
03/22/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑06 Rocky Mountain proposes rule changes to collect past-due irrigation accounts
03/18/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑07 Rocky Mountain Power seeks increase to net metering cap
03/17/2016 EAG‑W‑15‑01 PUC approves suspension of Eagle Water surcharge request
03/17/2016 DIA‑W‑15‑01 PUC to conduct workshop for customers of Diamond Bar Water
02/26/2016 IPC‑E‑15‑26 PUC approves sale of Idaho Power equipment to FBI
02/26/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑01 Idaho Power, Simplot renew contract for three years
02/25/2016 AVU‑E‑16‑01 Avista Utilities wants to eliminate convenience fee
02/24/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑02 Rocky Mountain seeks increase in Efficiency Services Charge
02/24/2016 PAC‑E‑16‑05 Rocky Mountain ECAM is a proposed 0.7 percent decrease
02/11/2016 IPC‑E‑15‑26 Hearing scheduled Feb. 22 regarding sale of Idaho Power property
02/11/2016 AVU‑E‑15‑08 Commission accepts Avista long-range plan
02/04/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑10 PUC taking comments on updated Rocky Mountain Power curtailment plan
02/03/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑16 PacifiCorp seeks approval of new multi-state agreement
01/20/2016 IPC‑E‑16‑01 Idaho Power seeks renewal of Simplot cogen contract
01/15/2016 PAC‑E‑15‑15 Rocky Mountain seeks approval of purchase agreement with Idaho Falls
12/30/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑03 Commission adopts Avista application to renew gas efficiency programs
12/29/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑19 Commission accepts Idaho Power long-range plan
12/23/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑09 PUC adopts settlement to Rocky Mountain case
12/22/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑01 Natural gas rates will increase 3.5% under Avista settlement
12/22/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑05 PUC adopts settlement to Avista cases; implements annual fixed cost adjustment
12/16/2015 UWI‑W‑15‑01 Commission approves United Water Idaho rate settlement
12/04/2015 EAG‑W‑15‑01 PUC opens docket to consider Eagle Water Company surcharge request
11/25/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑08 Avista plans to meet growth through energy efficiency, natural gas
11/24/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑03 Avista proposes resumption of natural gas efficiency programs
11/02/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑24 Idaho Power, Gooding hydro project enter into sales agreement
11/02/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑11 Sales agreement with Preston area hydro project approved
11/02/2015 GNR‑T‑15‑06 Idaho's second area code -- 986 -- launches in late 2017
11/02/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑09 Parties propose settlement to Rocky Mountain ECAM case
10/26/2015 UWI‑W‑15‑01 Parties to United Water Idaho rate case announce proposed settlement
10/26/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑02 Avista annual PGA is 14.5 percent reduction
10/26/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑01 Avista gas rates would increase by 3.5% under proposed settlement
10/26/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑05 Proposed settlement significantly reduces Avista electric rate request
10/20/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑04 PUC accepts Rocky Mountain plan to reduce reliance on coal
10/09/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑17 Commission adopts Idaho Power-Siemens Energy contract for gas plant maintenance
10/07/2015 UWI‑W‑15‑02 Agreement between United Water, city regarding fire hydrants is approved
10/07/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑11 Rocky Mountain seeks agreement with Preston area hydro project
10/05/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑07 Avista PCA results in 3.5% reduction for electric customers
09/30/2015 INT‑G‑15‑02 Natural gas rates to drop for Intermountain Gas customers
09/25/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑24 Idaho Power seeks agreement with Gooding area hydro project
09/24/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑18 PUC says solar project must identify owner or owners
09/02/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑19 Commission taking comments on Idaho Power long-range plan
08/31/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑06 Commission OKs Idaho Power efficiency, demand-side resource expense
08/28/2015 INT‑G‑15‑02 Intermountain Gas seeks 5.7% PGA reduction
08/28/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑02 Natural gas rates would plunge 14.5% with Avista proposal
08/28/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑07 Avista proposes 3.5% reduction to PCA rate
08/20/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑03 Commission reduces contract length for some PURPA projects to two years
08/20/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑01 Commission reduces contract length for some PURPA projects to two years
08/20/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑01 Commission reduces contract length for some PURPA projects to two years
08/19/2015 FLS‑W‑15‑01 Commission OKs Falls Water request to expand territory
08/12/2015 AVU‑G‑15‑01 Proposed gas rate increase will be topic of workshop for Avista customers
08/12/2015 AVU‑E‑15‑05 Commission staff to conduct workshops for Avista customers in Moscow, Coeur d'Alene
08/11/2015 GNR‑T‑15‑06 Commission begins process to implement second area code
08/07/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑17 Idaho Power seeks long-term contract for gas plant maintenance
08/04/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑09 Rocky Mountain proposes changes to ECAM
07/29/2015 IPC‑E‑15‑18 Idaho Power seeks PUC order declaring 10 solar projects as one
07/28/2015 FMU‑T‑15‑01 Fruitland telecom company seeks certificate to operate
07/27/2015 CCH‑W‑15‑01 Country Club Hills Water seeks cancellation of certificate
07/27/2015 none Fruitland telecom company seeks certificate to operate
07/24/2015 PAC‑E‑15‑10 Rocky Mountain Power proposes updated curtailment plan
07/23/2015 UWI‑W‑15‑01 Workshop, technical hearing set in United Water Idaho rate case
07/20/2015 SCH‑W‑15‑01 Schweitzer Basin Water seeks to serve Bonner County ski resort