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New local telecommunications providers applying for a Certificate of Public convenience and Necessity to provide basic local exchange service in Idaho must submit the following information:

I. Proposed Services

A narrative description of the telecommunication services provided by the Applicant and the geographic area and market to be served by the company. Other items of interest are whether the company is a facilities-based provider or a reseller, or some combination thereof; what general plans the company has to build facilities in the future; to which markets the provider will appeal; how the provider will market its products; whether the company currently provides or has a history of providing other services in Idaho; how the corporate family is structured.

II. Form of Business

1. Name, Address and Form of Business

a. If the applicant is the sole proprietor,

(1) the name and business address of the applicant, and

(2) the business name of the sole proprietorship.

b. If the applicant is a partnership,

(1) a list of the names and business addresses of all the partners, and

(2) the business name of the partnership.

c. If the applicant is a corporation,

(1) a short statement of the character of public service in which it may engage,

(2) the name of the state in which it is incorporated,

(3) its principal business address and its principal business address within Idaho,

(4) a certified copy of its articles of incorporation,

(5) if not incorporated in Idaho, a certificate of good standing issued by the Idaho Secretary of State of Idaho, and

(6) name and address of registered agent for service in Idaho.

2. If a corporation, the names and addresses of the ten common stockholders of applicant owning the greatest number of shares of common stock and the number of such shares owned by each, as follows:


Name and




Percentage of

All Shares Issued and Outstanding

Percentage of Voting Control


3. Names and addresses of the officers and directors of applicant.

4. Name and address of any corporation, association, or similar organization holding a 5% or greater ownership or a management interest in the applicant. As to ownership, the amount and character of the interest must be indicated. A copy of any management agreement must be attached.

5. Names and addresses of subsidiaries owned or controlled by applicant.

III. Telecommunication Service

1. The date on which applicant proposes to begin construction or anticipates it will begin to provide service.

2. A written description of customer classes and customer service[s] that the applicant proposes to offer to the public.

IV. Service Territory

1. A description sufficient for determining whether service is to be offered in a particular location; and the names of all incumbent local exchange corporations with whom the proposed utility is likely to compete.

2. Written description of the intended manner of service, for example, resold services or facilities based. A general description of the property owned or controlled by applicant.

3. A statement describing with whom the applicant is likely to compete.

4. A description of the property owned by the applicant clarifies the applicant's proposed services and operation.

V. Financial Information

1. Current detailed balance sheets, including a detailed income and profit and loss statements of applicant reflecting current and prior year balances for the twelve months ended as of the date of the balance sheet, or if not readily available, for the period since the close of the preceding calendar year.

2. If a balance sheet and income statement are not available, the applicant must submit financial data sufficient to establish that it possesses adequate financial resources to provide the proposed services.

VI. "Illustrative" Tariff Filings

Proposed initial tariff and price sheets setting forth rates, rules, terms, and regulations applicable to the contemplated service.

VII. Customer contacts

1. Contact information for the Applicant.

a) The name, address, and telephone number and electronic mailing addresses (if available) of the person(s) responsible for consumer inquiries and complaints from the public.

b) A toll-free number for customer inquiries and complaints.

c) The name, number and electronic mailing addresses (if available) of the person(s) designated as a contact for the Commission Staff for resolving complaints, inquiries and matters concerning rates and price lists or tariffs.

VIII. Interconnection Agreements

1. Statements of whether the applicant has initiated interconnection negotiations and, if so, when and with whom.

IX. Compliance with Commission Rules

A written statement that the applicant has reviewed all of the Commission rules and agrees to comply with them, or a request for waiver of those rules believed to be inapplicable.

X. Escrow Account or Security Bond

1. If a company requires advance deposits by its customers, the company must submit a signed copy of an escrow account with a bonded escrow agent or a security bond. The escrow or bond shall be sufficient to meet customer deposit refunds in case of company default.

2. At the Commission's discretion, an additional deposit may be required to keep customers whole in case of company default.

3. The Commission will review the individual requirement of establishing an escrow or security account by the Company upon good showing by the Company for a period of two years.

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