Other Telecommunications Service Providers

"Other Telecommunications Service Providers" are providers of telecommunications services other than basic local exchange services and interexchange MTS/WATS long distance service.

Before providing services in Idaho, these companies must file a notice with the Idaho Public Utilities, providing a description of the services to be offered and contact names and addresses of the provider, as specified in IDAPA 31.42.01, Rule 202. This notice is to be updated annually and whenever there is a change.

They are subject to the Commission's Title 62 authority, codified at Idaho Code 62-601 et seq. Title 62 generally requires that these companies pay annual regulatory fees (minimum $50, see 62-611); contribute and report to the Idaho USF (see 62-610 and implementing rules); submit to the Commission's complaint resolution procedures (62-616); contribute and report to the Idaho TRS and Telephone Service Assistance Programs (62-1301 and 56-901 respectively).