THE FOLLOWING IS THE IDAHO PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION'S AGENDA FOR A DECISION MEETING to be held on Monday, April 25, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. The agenda is published forty-eight (48) hours in advance of each meeting. Meetings are held in the Commission's Hearing Room at the IPUC, 472 West Washington Street, Boise, Idaho. The time and the agenda are subject to change. "Fully Submitted Matters" are listed on the Agenda as a courtesy to the parties and the public and may be privately deliberated by the Commission per the Open Meeting Law. Please check with Jean Jewell, Commission Secretary, at 334-0338 if you have any questions.


1. Minutes of Decision Meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Minutes have been circulated to the Commissioners for review and are ready for consideration.


2. Brandon Karpen's April 20, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: Idaho Power's PCA Application, Case No. IPC-E-16-08

3. Carolee Hall's April 15, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: ATC Communication Tariff Advice Filing to Revise its Local Tariff I.P.U.C No. 3. Seeking Commission Approval to: 1) Update ITSAP Rates to Reflect Current State/Federal Guidelines; 2) Increase Rates for Measured Service to Comport with FCC Mandated Floor; 3) Correct Repair Time Definitions to Comport with Commission's Telephone Customer Relations Rules and 4) Replace Exchange Area Maps with those that Match the FCC Data in DA-12-1777.

4. Grace Seaman's April 15, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: Application to Amend Certificate of Matrix Telecom, Inc. and to Transfer Customers and Cancellation of Certificate of TNCI Operating Company, LLC, Case Nos. MAT-T-07-01 and TOC-T-13-01.

5. Grace Seaman's April 15, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: Qwest Corporation dba CenturyLink QC's Application for Approval of Type 2 Wireless Interconnection Agreement with Commio, LLC, Case No. QWE-T-16-04.

6. Michael Morrison's April 18, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: Avista Corporation's Application to Update Its Electric Line Extension Schedule 51, Tariff Advice No. 16-01.

7. Terri Carlock's April 22, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: Idaho Power Company's Request to Issue and Sell Up to $500 Million in First Mortgage Bonds and Debt Securities, Case No. IPC-E-16-05.


8. Daphne Huang's April 22, 2016 Decision Memorandum re: Idaho Power's Application for Authority to Transfer Title of Mobile Manor Mobile Home Park Meter Pedestals, Case No. IPC-E-16-07.




9. Deliberation re: Application to Update and Revise Curtailment Plan, Case No. PAC-E-15-10. [Brandon Karpen, Attorney]

10. Deliberation re: Eric Conrad's Complaint Against Intermountain Gas Company, Case No. INT-G-16-01. [Don Howell, Attorney]

11. Deliberation re: Rocky Mountain Power's Application to Modify Electric Service Schedule 135 - Net Metering Service, Case No. PAC-E-16-07. [Karl Klein, Attorney]