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IPUC Closed Tariff Advice Cases


CaseNo Company Description
AVU-TAE-23-01 AVISTA UTILITIES, INC Avista --- Franchise fee City of Grageville Schedule 58
INT-TAG-23-01 INTERMOUNTAIN GAS COMPANY Intermountain Gas Company -- Tariff Advice Proposed Revisions to Section C of its General Service Provisions
IPC-TAE-23-01 IDAHO POWER COMPANY Idaho Power Co -- Tariff Advice - New Franchise Fee for City of American Falls
IPC-TAE-23-03 IDAHO POWER COMPANY Idaho Power Co. -- Tariff Advice -- Annual Compliance Filing to Update the Substation Allowance Amount under Schedule 19, Large Power Service
PAC-TAE-23-01 PACIFICORP DBA ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER PacifiCorp -- Proposed Tariff Changes to Electric Service Regulation No. 12 (Line Extensions)
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